Live chat design for Indian gamers

Game live streaming might seem a bit extreme and even pointless for the uninitiated. But they just have to look at the immense popularity of Twitch, which shows how gamers are a unique lot. If you are one of those who have not taken the deep dive into the world of gaming, you need only to see the number of views popular live streamers get to believe the true extent of this obsessive industry.

Live chat is a buzz with esports fans watching their favourite streamers play in real-time. They exchange tricks, tips or taunt opposing fans, celebrate and much more. To further encourage the streamers’ enthusiasm we introduced 2 sets of stickers to help them engage with their fans, manage their presence, and build a business for themselves.

The primary goal is to help creators grow their passion into a business and expand their presence. The secondary goals are to assist
1. Brand collaborations
2. Ad revenue & increase retention rate
3. Creator studio (streamers)

Identifying user needs
To identify key functionalities that users want, I researched similar apps like YouTube gaming, Facebook gaming and many others and found they all had something in common.

- Show love to their favourite streamer in the most creative and fun way
- Share their excitement with others on the platform and outside

Solution: We decided to introduce 2 sets of stickers
Gold — It costs nothing. It helps capture the audience’s mood.
Diamond — These are signature micro-interaction stickers that must be purchased by the users.

Exploring stickers (change in user behaviour)
Since we introduced these stickers, on an average, we now see 3 users out of 9 are sending a sticker.

We plan to improve the type and quantity of stickers so that users are encouraged to earn gold or buy diamond stickers more. This will translate into providing a second order benefit in retention and time spent by individual users on the platform.

Getting people to send more stickers (gift sent per viewer)

At the beginning, the results are mixed. The first 15 days saw the metric was just 2x the average interaction. But the gains soon started to roll off in the following days.

The number has since plateaued to 1.5x of the usual, this could be because the excitement has worn off a little. However, we witnessed an overall increase in the DAU retention rate.

A fully fleshed out and functional live chat is available in play store. Please download and enjoy the Loco app —

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